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Poptel P60 Waterproof & Durability Test - Survive or Not?

In this video, it shows Poptel P60 perfectly survived from all-around tests, including the washing, splashing and drenching of water, 35 minutes immersion test and several drops onto concrete floor from around 5 meters height, etc. . and P60 doesn’t get any scratches thanks to its solid protecting and military-grade durability. In addition, the USB port on P60 is real IP68 waterproof and no rubber hole plug, which is more convenient while charging and no need to worry about whether the rubber plug works well.
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The World’s Largest Video Phone Poptel V9 Pre-sell online, Can Work as a Smart Home Controller

There’s a wide range of possibilities when it comes to choosing a landline telephone for your house or small business. But if you want something nicer with a budget price, we need to say we finally get the news about it, which is an all-in-one telephone and can meet your multiple needs, this’s the Poptel’s new V9 smart telephone.
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Poptel P60 Global Pre-sales Starts under $200 with 128GB memory, AI Camera and 2K Display, Best Rugged Phone for Trip

Whether you’re a Android supporter or an iOS addict, it’s very important to choose one which best fits your requirements and expectations. While Poptel specialized in producing rugged phones like the P9000 Max , P10 and P8, with totally different features and great values to meet your needs . Today, we will recommend the totally new Poptel P60, which bets on AI dual cameras and face unlock to battle Cat S61 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.
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POPTEL P10 Rugged Smartphone, the killer of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

POPTEL P10 will be the slimmest rugged smartphone with IP68-certified and military quality to withstand harsh conditions. Whether you’re playing outdoor sports or working on the go, the Poptel P10 is durable enough to be protected again drop, bump, shock, press and scratches.
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